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Timothy C. Burns has been an attorney since 1980. He holds a B.B.A. Degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa and a J.D. in Law from Santa Clara University. Additionally, he studied law at Oxford University in England.

Tim specializes in immigration, real estate, wills and trusts and business law.

He has immigrated thousands of people from more than 50 different countries in both employment based and family based immigration cases. For much of his legal career, Tim has handled difficult immigration cases and was usually successful where others had failed. He is extremely well traveled, giving him a special worldly talent for dealing with international clients.

Tim has also worked a great many health care worker immigration cases. In his many years practicing immigration law Tim has mastered the intricacies involved in dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Learning the ins and outs of the ultra-complex nurse immigration process takes a lot of talent and tenacity and Tim has both. He is one of only a handful of lawyers in America to figure out how to streamline the immigration process and guide nurses through the process in a fast and effective manner.

In real estate law, Tim has been a real estate broker and lawyer representing clients in the many facets of real estate transactions. He has been actively involved in hundreds of real estate deals and negotiations including purchases and sales, foreclosures, deeds in lieu, easements, encroachments, real property taxes, mortgages and many other real estate matters.

In performing estate planning services for his clients, Tim has saved millions of dollars in estate taxes by preparing complex inter vivos trusts, marital deduction trusts, charitable unitrusts, wills and powers of attorney both general and for health care.

For his business law practice, Tim utilizes his Bachelor of Business Administration and Juris Doctor law degrees for the incorporation of businesses, preparation of contracts and general advice about legal and tax issues and consequences of business transactions for his clientele.

If you are in need of legal representation in any of his areas of practice, you are invited to contact Tim by telephone at 831-425-5820, by fax at 831-425-1706 or or leave me a note by visiting my web contact page.